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Carolina Wise – Backup On It ft. Vanatei

Carolina Wise linked up with Vanatei and put together a smash SUMMER hit called “Backup On It” also known as “On Instagram You Twerkin”. New track that will definitely get...

Diablo Flamez – Duct Tape & Coffee Grounds

On the heels of his hit anthem “Titanic”, Baltimore’s Diablo Flamez releases his debut album Duct Tape & Coffee Grounds. It features Royce Rizzy, Jelly Roll, Lil Mook and...

Shaayz – Feelings/Whatever..

From Barbados to Montreal Shaayz presents us with an unexpected 2 track short story entitled: “Feelings/Whatever..” Where he claims the music speaks for itself. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

LoudMouth Kang – First Dates & 808s

First Dates & 808s – recorded and produced by Loudmouth Kang from West Palm, Florida. Made at the Loudmouth recording studio in Boca Raton. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Base AuraGammi – No One Else Freestyle

Base AuraGammi has just released this new freestyle titled “No One Else Freestyle”: Follow on: @BaseAura | @RubeAura | SOUNDCLOUD

Base AuraGammi – My City

Base AuraGammi is back again with this street track titled “My City” which has been produced by Omid G Follow on: @BaseAura | @RubeAura | SOUNDCLOUD

Fetti Profoun – Thought Criminal

Fetti Profoun has been a well-known rapper in the Phoenix, AZ hip-hop scene since his debut in 2006. As he matured as an artist his music progressed from a...

Sayso ft. Bibi Ross – Crusin’ Ruff

Crusin’ Ruff captures the vibes of family problems while trying to maintain. Featuring Bibi Ross from Portugal and the beat produced by Aaron Marques PURCHASE HERE

Base AuraGammi – Fake One

Base AuraGammi is back again with “Fake One” which has been produced by CasinoTroy313 Follow on: @BaseAura | @RubeAura | SOUNDCLOUD

illsaye – I Heard

illsaye – I Heard: A artist out of Toledo, Ohio, coming with some fresh music looking to shed some light on this small city by word of mouth… FOLLOW ON: TWITTER


Old Skool QueenE - God's Angelsvideo

Old Skool QueenE – God’s Angels

Old Skool Queene introducing new release: God’s Angels. October 2020 - Old Skool Queene is a talented singer and songwriter based in Washington DC, USA....

Nena Marcella – I’m Hot (Remix)

Nena Marcella presents the official music video for, 'I'm Hot (Remix)' Nena Marcella is a female rapper & poet known for her unique sound. Nena...

Ruciano – La Vida Loca

Ruciano Delievers new visuals for his latest track "La Vida Loca" FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
Mi$tuh G - GWO (Review)

Mi$tuh G – GWO (Review)

Mi$tuh G is back on the scene with a new release: GWO.   October 2020 - Mi$tuh G is back on the scene with an...
Kensho Kuma - Lineage ov the Lyricist (Review)

Kensho Kuma – Lineage ov the Lyricist (Review)

Kensho Kuma just released a fantastic brand new album: Lineage ov the Lyricist. October 2020 - Artist and songwriter Kensho Kuma specializes in creating...
K.T.A.+ - Drown It out Remix

K.T.A.+ – Drown It out Remix

K.T.A.+ proudly presents: Drown It out Remix K.T.A.+ is a Hip-Hop/Soul and Afro artist who combines elements of faith, community, and fun. The song Drown It...