CAM24/7 – I never let you go (Review)

CAM24/7 - I never let you go

CAM24/7 has just released his much anticipated new single, a well-produced and masterfully arranged track titled ‘I never let you go’.

Hailing from Florida, CAM24/7 is a talented producer, songwriter, and recording artist. “I never let you go” is an eclectic blend of complex textural arrangements and futuristic soundscapes.

CAM24/7’s latest release features his trademark modern and clean production style, which makes this song a dynamic and engaging offering from the artist. The 80s fusion vibe of “I never let you go” is reminiscent of eminent and legendary artists such as Daft Punk, Frank Ocean or Prince, while the witty lyrical flow bears a striking resemblance to the work of Kendrick Lamar and other word-wizards of this generations.

What makes CAM24/7 stand out from many other artists on the scene today is that he is able to create a song that is eclectic and vibrant, but that also has a strong message. “I never let you go” is at heart a love song, and the original and unique lyrics from CAM24/7 are genuine, heartfelt, and direct.

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