C4 Da General – Flavors (Review)

C4 Da General - Flavors (Review)

Check out our review of the single, ‘Flavors’ released by C4 Da General

A bold, uncompromising hip-hop release with a unique twist.

C4 Da General is a rap artist with a passion for high-energy beats and great melodies. His music bridges the gaps between different hip-hop styles, exploring classic sounds, but also staying true to the tone and feel of the modern side of the genre. The excellent sound of his new project, “Flavors,” really speaks for itself. This new release embodies the quintessential rap philosophy, going for a diverse and eclectic feel.

The first thing you might notice is certainly the fantastic tone of the beat. The low-end if absolutely massive, while the hats and snare are crunchy and in-your-face. The instrumental gives the vocals a really perfect backdrop, making for a really unique feel. This should be right up your alley if you enjoy the work of artists like Jay Z, Nas or Joey Bada$$, only to mention a few.

What we really love about this song is that it shows the artist’s skills, and is ability to add color and personality to the music.

Listen to ‘Flavors’ by C4 Da General here