Breeze Davinci – Pink Gold

Breeze Davinci - Pink Gold

Breeze Davinci to release a new studio EP: Pink Gold

June 2021 – Breeze Davinci is a talented artist and songwriter who recently released a brand new studio effort titled Pink Gold.

This release immediately stands out due to the astonishing quality of the production. The recording is crisp and intelligible, adding so much clarity and depth to the mix. However, there is something that’s quite incredible about the sheer power of the performance of the artist, which transcends recording quality due to its authentic and spontaneous flow.

The EP combines immersive sonic aesthetics with thick atmospheric tones and a hefty rhythm pattern to add more focus and depth to the composition. Pink Gold is raw, yet catchy and melodic, blurring the lines between energetic sounds and catchy riffs with a universal scope.

Breeze Davinci’s music is highly recommended if you are a fan of rap artists as diverse as 2Pac, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West, only to mention but a few.

Find out more about Breeze Davinci and do not miss out on Pink Gold, his latest EP. This release is currently available on the best digital streaming services on the web today.