Aynjewl Faycc – I Still Want You

Female Rapper Aynjewl Faycc (Angel Face) Rocks Original Fashion In New Video “I Still Want You”

Aynjewl Faycc attended the famous Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising located in Los Angeles back in 2009 and completed her Associates in Product Development. Regardless of her schooling, her creative mind allows her to come up with ideas in many medias. For her song “I Still Want You”, she designed open thigh, velvet pants with intricate details that the camera does not do justice for.

Dependent on material and patience, Faycc says that her designs always come out slightly different than her original ideas. What keeps her moving is her ability to accept how things come out and not try to make everything perfect. Since Faycc understands the importance of consistent content, it is prevalent that she “just keeps pushing forward”.

She says, “My imagination will never stop. In order to share what’s inside of me, I just gutta keep going. I know that if my s*** an’t perfect, it don’t matter. I’ll get there— through my persistence and repetition.”

Faycc says that during this shoot in Baytown, Texas she was lucky she completed it safe. She reported that a man followed her to the location, but listened to her when she said, “keep driving.”

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