Aynjewl Faycc – Future Planets

Aynjewl Faycc - Future Planets

Aynjewl Faycc – Future Planets:

Rapper Advocates To Save Our Oceans

Femcee Aynjewl Faycc (angel face) uses her grace to produce and distribute her song “Future Planets” which expresses a collective need to preserve our Earth. Future Planets was written and recorded for a Marine Biology course at Southern Maine Community College summing up a basic apprehension from her studies. In the chorus, Faycc summarizes how much is hidden within our oceans and that our hope lies within economics.

Deep within the rappers soul is a sincere sensitivity to the natural ways of life. A place before the Industrial Revolution is an illusion she visits often. Reminisced as a reference, it is as if her spirit may have existed there in ancient times. Embodying The Information Age, Faycc stays grounded by looking into the future based off of what we know today.

Although Future Planets does not use futuristic language, it gives us the advice to use political restraint to make lasting changes. What Faycc means by this is that once an elite group knows what you advocate for, they simply dismiss any further input because they their minds up about what you have to say. Advocates must be well rounded to maintain a non-bias reputation for their voices to get heard. You can find Future Planets by Aynjewl Faycc on iTunes and Spotify.