Alterak – So So Back (Review)

Check out this music review of the single, ‘So So Back’ released by Alterak  

Alterak is a hip-hop artist with a really distinctive tone and open-ended attitude. What’s really amazing about his music is definitely the fact that he doesn’t necessarily stick to any prefixed tone or genre definition. Instead, the artists uses every opportunity to explore new creative ideas, truly making the most out of his tone and feel.

Alterak’s most recent studio single is titled “So So Back,” and it makes a huge impact due to its massive melodies and groundbreaking tone. The song is actually featured on Alterak’s recent studio album, “Reminder,” which features 13 excellent studio numbers. If you enjoy the sound of classic acts such as Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest or Erik B & Rakim, you are definitely going to enjoy the timeless old school warmth of this amazing release.

This production is filled with attitude and energy, and what I love about this single is how “into it” the song is from the get-go, with the lyrics punching right in, offering an immediate and exciting listening experience.

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