3rd Twin – Honesty Ep

3rd Twin - Honesty Ep

Hip hop artist 3rd TWIN debuts a redemptive EP and award winning music video for his opioid addiction and gang life confessional, “Honesty”.

HONESTY EP on Thorn City Syndicate

In Spring of 2014, Roy Moore III was in limbo struggling with an Opioid addiction that haunted him for years and had crippled his young vibrant introduction to the Portland hip hop scene where he enjoyed sold out shows for his freshman act Proz & Conz. As the daily routine of feeding his addiction became the priority, Roy’s opportunities faded. Roy’s addiction hit crisis levels after bearing witness to the shooting of his friend in the back seat of a car where he sat only inches away form the deadly tragedy.

PTSD only added to the new normal of daily painkillers. It would take a song that he wrote in his head in 2013 and recorded on his smart phone that would ultimately save his life and give him a pathway back from self destruction with an award winning music video and EP for “Honesty”, Roy’s hip hop confessional for the addiction and the pain that took away a part of his soul. “Honesty” let me be vulnerable and forced me to be honest with myself about where I was heading in life. This project may have saved my life.” Roy reveals. “ I truly believe it has.”