Queen Dej – 1989 Femcee (Daddy Issues)

Check out the new single titled ‘1989 Femcee’ by Queen Dej from the album Daddy Issues

Coming w/ the second single from her debut album, Queen Dej was born in Windsor, ON, Canada to an ABSENT American Father and a mixed race ‘mother’. Growing up between the two countries, whilst having a rocky home life, she has always turned to hiphop and rnb for comfort. Growing into the melanin queen she always was, she learned how to love herself first, so she has, for the past year been putting her ART into fruition.

Between high school in Wichita, KS and community college in New York city, her musical influences have always ranged. Being a versatile Hip-Hop artist with intellectual strength, crafty and witty REAL LIFE lyricism, eclectic/classic beat selection and flow, melodies, as well as sickening wordplay.

Everything she has ever said she has done or did