Productive Culture – Means To An End Instrumental EP

Productive Culture presents the newly released Instrumental EP titled Means To An End by music producer JMKM.

“Means to An End represents what everyone goes through, no matter what their profession may be. We all have ends to meet, and we all have to find the means to get to those ends. For me, this beat tape represents some of the means required for me to reach my end goal – which is to provide music for the world to hear. The project cover depicts plantation workers in Hawaii. I chose this cover because i wanted to show where the people of Hawaii have come from and what we have to show for it now. Hard work never ends.” – JMKM 
Based out of Hilo, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California, ProductiveCulture is a lifestyle based music collective of audio engineers, music producers, music artists, and music enthusiasts.
Produced by @ProductiveCulture

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