Jon Hannz & Loyal Life Stress – W.A.Y

Jon Hannz & Loyal Life Stress presenting their latest release, ‘W.A.Y’

The Prelude: an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important or an introductory piece of music. On May 1st you all have been invited to go listen to the new long awaited collaboration album “W.A.Y” from Loyal,Life,Stress and Jon Hannz. From the first song “I try” which was featured on Jon Hannz last album “Silent wars” it was no surprise that we would have an album on the way from these two! One guy from Detroit with his own raw street sound and hustle talk, the other from New York with his quick thoughts, moralistic views and stand up mentality.

You now have classic Hip Hop at your finger tips! Just press play. Available May 1st on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon music, Google Play etc. Thank you and your welcome. Oh and catch the prelude on you tube and sound cloud