6Ty – Lamez (Review)

6Ty - Lamez (Review)

Check out our music review of the new single ‘Lamez’ from artist 6Ty

Rap artist 6Ty is the kind of rapper who doesn’t take his music lightly: he knows the competition is tough out there, and he understands that he really needs to set the bar higher, in order to leave a mark on the scene and impress fans of the genre, and beyond. This is the reason why his most recent release, “Lamez,” is really up to snuff with the best tracks coming out of the global rap community.

The song immediately lures listeners in because it has an absolutely killer tone. The bass is a gigantic behemoth with a Earth-shattering tone, and it really makes the song pump. In addition to that, 6Ty has a really special voice, and an even more distinctive lyrical flow, that’s all about realness. He raps about things that he can connect with, and since the result is so authentic, even listeners can easily identify with the lyrical flow.

If you are looking for a new Hip-Hop jam, this one is going to be right up your alley, with its warm “old school” edge and crispy modern feel, colliding together into a unique combination of great sounds and spectacular vocal delivery.

You can listen to  ‘6Ty’ from Lamez here: